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5 Dunwoody Park S.  Suite 118                   

Atlanta, Georgia 30338           (770) 248-0306


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We will reopen as soon as public health officials say it's ok. Bridge Clubs make for a pretty vulnerable group so, we will definitely err on the side of caution. We hope everyone will stay safe, wash hands, and try not to worry.


ACBL Virtual Club Game Schedule on BBO:


Monday       11:00 am 0-2000

Tuesday       11:00 am 0-1500

Tuesday        7:00 pm 0-2000

Wednesday  11:00 am 0-2000

Thursday      11:00 am 0-2000

Friday           11:00 am 0-750

Saturday       11:00 am 0-2000

Sunday         11:00 am 0-2000




If Thinking Is Cool....

                                            Then Bridge Rules!

Free Junior Bridge Lessons at the Atlanta Duplicate Bridge Center

Instructors: Marty Nathan & Patty Tucker

Saturdays 9:30 am to 11:30 am


For more information contact Patty Tucker @ 770-457-6251


Sanctioned by the American Contract Bridge League


Owned and Operated by Atlanta Bridge Enterprises, LLC