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To print Hand Records at home, download the PDF.

PBN (portable bridge notation) files allow you to replay the deals at home. You can load them into a bridge program such as Bridge Baron, GIB or Wbridge5.


July 19, 2019Friday MorningAFriday Morning Pairs[PDF] [PBN]
July 18, 2019Thursday EveningPThursday Evening Pairs[PDF] [PBN]
July 18, 2019Thursday MorningAThurs Morn Charity Pairs[PDF] [PBN]
July 18, 2019Thursday MorningPThursday AM Limited Pink[PDF] [PBN]
July 18, 2019Thursday MorningYThursday AM LimiteYellow[PDF] [PBN]
July 17, 2019Wednesday EveningADBAA Open Pairs[PDF] [PBN]
July 17, 2019Wednesday MorningAWed Morning Corrected[PDF] [PBN]
July 16, 2019Tuesday EveningDTuesday Eve 0-1000 Pairs[PDF] [PBN]
July 16, 2019Tuesday EveningJTuesday Eve 0-25[PDF] [PBN]
July 16, 2019Tuesday MorningYTuesday Aft 0-1500 Pairs[PDF] [PBN]
July 15, 2019Monday EveningMonday Evening Pairs[PDF] [PBN]
July 15, 2019Monday MorningAMon AM InterClub Champion[PDF] [PBN]
July 15, 2019Monday MorningYICC - Yellow Section[PDF] [PBN]
July 13, 2019Saturday AfternoonASaturday Open Pairs[PDF] [PBN]
July 13, 2019Saturday AfternoonYSaturday PM Limited Pairs[PDF] [PBN]
July 12, 2019Friday MorningAFriday Morning Pairs[PDF] [PBN]
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